Welcome to Astra Games, where you can enjoy the thrilling archery game Archero. With its captivating hand-drawn visuals, you will embark on an exciting adventure and face dangerous creatures along the way. As a brave hero, it is your duty to vanquish these creatures and ultimately defeat the malevolent dragon. Fortunately, you can enhance your equipment by obtaining scrolls, making you even more powerful. Don't miss out on the chance to acquire rare gear from our treasure chest and elevate your gameplay experience!

Please rephrase the following instructions for playing the game:

"First, carefully read and understand the rules of the game. Then, gather all the necessary materials and set up the playing area. Next, take turns with other players to make moves or complete tasks according to the rules. The player who successfully completes the final task or has the most points wins the game."

"Begin by thoroughly reading and comprehending the game's regulations. Then, collect all required items and arrange the designated playing space. Subsequently, alternate turns with fellow players to execute actions or fulfill tasks in accordance with the established rules. The game concludes when a player successfully achieves the ultimate objective or earns the highest score.

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