Empire Rush: Roman War Tower Defence

Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience with Empire Rush: Rome Wars - Epic Castle Defense, now live on Astra Games! Build your very own empire, engage in intense battles, and strive for glory in this strategic game set in ancient Rome. Defeat your foes and defend your kingdom as you race towards victory. Combining elements of Tower Defense, Conquest games, and Collectible Cards, this epic journey will guide you through exhilarating battles to conquer the world. Join forces with the mighty Roman Empire and its fierce warriors, such as the praetorian guards, elite archers, and the powerful imperial army, as they face off against savage barbarians threatening their existence. Don't miss the chance to be part of the action - join the fight and claim the throne of Rome today on Astra Games!


✓BATTLE FOR VICTORY! Immerse yourself in this Tower Defense Role-playing Game, a Strategy title that is completely free to play.
✓RAMP UP YOUR POWER! Take part in this conquest game where you can enhance your castle through various upgrades.
✓FORTIFY YOUR DEFENSES! Ensure the safety of your castle by strengthening its defenses against the onslaught of enemies.
✓EPIC CLASHES! Engage in thrilling battles with your adversaries and triumph over the formidable Boss.
✓DAILY PRIZES! Complete your missions and claim your rewards! Acquire precious gems throughout the conquest!
✓GATHER CARDS! Merge your units to create a strong defense and devise the ultimate tactic to make use of your cards.

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