Choo Choo Cake

Join Piggy the Baker in Chu Choo Cake, a fun game by Astra Games. Help Piggy arrange adorable cakes, but be on the lookout for pesky mice who have invaded the kitchen. Move Piggy with ASWD or the left, down, up, and right arrows. Use red paprika to temporarily stun the mouse and continue dropping cakes onto the train. Make sure to steer clear of the blue mouse to successfully complete each level. Avoid the mice and aim for victory in Chu Choo Cake, only on Astra Games.

Use ASWD or left down up and right arrows to control the pig. Collect red paprika and use SPACE to throw it at the mouse to stun them. Walk on all cakes to drop them onto the train to finish the level. Avoid the mice as they will catch you.

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