Burning Rubber Multiplayer

Prepare to reign supreme over your friends in the exhilarating multiplayer car combat game on Astra Games! Command the arena and exhibit your exceptional driving and shooting abilities while competing against your opponents. Create chaos with an array of formidable vehicles and explosive armament to tailor your gameplay. Plus, catch your rivals off guard with the exciting new U-turn manoeuvre!

Please restate the following instructions for playing:

1. Use the directional buttons to move your character.

Use the arrow keys to control your character's movement.

2. Press the spacebar to jump.

Utilize the spacebar to make your character jump.

3. Collect coins to earn points.

Gather coins in order to increase your score.

4. Avoid obstacles to stay alive.

Steer clear of obstacles to keep your character alive.

5. Reach the end of the level to progress.

Complete the level to advance to the next one.

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