The Lost Controller

Uh oh! Your joystick has been swiped from you, but the culprit remains unknown! In this trippy platformer game on Astra Games, you will stop at nothing to reclaim your beloved joystick. Bounce your way through levels, collect coins and keys, conquer monsters, and dodge traps to reach your objective. It's as easy as that. Are you up for the challenge of retrieving your joystick and emerging victorious? Find out by playing now! Game controls: Keyboard: Utilise the arrow keys to jump, move left or right, or descend from a platform. Use ASD to move and the spacebar to jump. ESC: Pause the game. Click on the music note to toggle the music on/off. Click on the speaker to toggle the sound effects on/off. Gamepad: Utilise the left analog stick or D-pad to move left or right, or go down. A button: Jump. The right shoulder button: Music on/off. The left shoulder button: Sound effects


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