Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Welcome to Astra Games - the ultimate gaming destination for all tank enthusiasts! Take on your enemies and their equipment as you advance through levels and unlock upgrades for your weapons. Build up your arsenal with top-of-the-line tanks like the MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, and IS-2 to elevate your gaming experience. Be cautious though, as you'll come face to face with formidable boss tanks. Remember to make use of airstrikes and air support to gain an edge and emerge as the ultimate champion in this exhilarating tank battle!

or on-screen buttons

To engage in the game through a computer, utilize the mouse and keyboard (w,a,s,d).
For mobile devices, employ either touch commands or on-screen buttons to participate.

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