Funny Shooter

At Astra Games, players can choose from a range of 18 weapons to defend themselves against an approaching invasion of enemies. These enemies come in varying sizes and possess different skills, so it is crucial to use strategic tactics in order to protect yourself. Avoid their projectiles, such as grenades and pitchforks, and maneuver around their attacks using weapons such as clubs, axes, and chainsaws. For a more devastating impact, utilize weapons like the grenade launcher and bazooka, or opt for a more precise hit with machine guns and pistols. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all enemies and emerge triumphant.

Use the mouse to scan the surroundings.
Use the WASD keys to navigate.
Hold down W and Shift together to sprint.
Press Space to leap.
Click the left mouse button to fire.
Hold down the right mouse button to aim.
Scroll the mouse wheel to switch between weapons.
Use keys 1-7 as shortcuts for weapons.
Press R to reload.
Tap F for first melee attack.
Hit Q for second melee attack.
Press G to toss a grenade.
Use T to examine the weapon.
Press E to equip or unequip the weapon.

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