Straw Hat Samurai 2

The iconic Straw Hat Samurai has made a triumphant return to Astra Games, with fresh enemies, challenging bosses, and even more thrilling slashing and bloodshed! Here are some top tips to enhance your gaming experience:
1) Aim for the head for guaranteed instant kills.
2) To perform impressive air-combos, start drawing your line below enemies.
3) In level 2, use a line to leap from one platform to the next – remember, your jump only begins at the starting point and ends at the endpoint, so make sure to start from the Samurai's current position for maximum impact.
4) Activate shunpo mode during vulnerable moments to deal extra damage, especially when facing bosses.
5) Don't waste time slashing at armored enemies – instead, find their weak spots and use special moves to your advantage.
6) Defend against projectiles by slashing them.
7) When catapulted into the air, activate shunpo mode to gain precious

Use the mouse to slash. (Best played with a mouse or stylus) Press SPACE to activate shunpo mode. Press P to pause. The mute button is located below the score.

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