Stickman Police vs Gangsters Street Fight

Experience the ultimate action-packed adventure on Astra Games as you become a brave stickman police hero, fighting against dangerous stickman gangsters in the city. Unleash your inner warrior as a powerful stickman superhero and engage in a thrilling showdown with the city mafia in prison. Show your skills on the streets and confront evil stickman villains in intense stickman games. Join forces with other stickman police officers and embark on a journey as a stickman hero, taking on ruthless gangsters, mobs, and even stickman prisoners. Utilize your incredible fighting abilities and special powers as a US police stickman hero to defeat enemies and prevent them from escaping the US prison. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience on Astra Games as you play as a police stickman hero in this epic city battle.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to maneuver the stickman hero.
For fighting, press the Z, X, C, A, S, and space buttons.

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