Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown

Experience the latest edition of the beloved tower defense game on Astra Games. Immerse yourself in an RPG adventure as you journey to a remote northern island in search of the coveted Frost Crown relic. Prepare to face challenging epic bosses and treacherous obstacles on your path to glory. With a diverse party of 12 heroes, each with their own unique abilities, you can upgrade and learn new spells and skills using talent points earned throughout your journey. Carefully select your team of heroes and adjust your tactics in dynamic battles by switching between spells, attacking, and healing. Unlock a variety of game modes, including ones with limited spells or a hardcore difficulty, and strive for a top score by conquering achievements and levels in all modes. Begin with 4 heroes and assemble a mighty team as you progress in the game.

Construct towers and position heroes within them.
Enhance the abilities of your heroes.
Change spells in the midst of combat.

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