Dress Up and Colouring Book Games

Welcome to Astra Games, your one-stop destination for entertaining and imaginative games! Our collection of games for girls brings together the perfect mix of dressing up and painting. Get creative and have fun by dressing up dolls and creating your own colouring pages. Add some sparkle and patterns to make your designs truly unique! Show off your design skills as you create your own doll with makeup, hair and accessories, and then choose a background to bring your artwork to life. These new and exciting painting games will help you develop your colour combinations and artistic flair. Relax and unleash your creativity with our girly games, specially designed for those who love to paint and draw. Don't miss out on the ultimate combination of fun, fashion, and art with Dress Up Games for Girls + Glitter Colour Book on Astra Games!

Click the left mouse button to alter your clothes.

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