Dangerous Adventure

Join Astra Games on a thrilling quest for riches in this extraordinary dungeon adventure game. Accompanied by a team of five brave heroes, brave treacherous caves and defeat enemies to unlock valuable treasures. Enhance your heroes' abilities and acquire new equipment at the tavern in between battles. Utilize gem matching skills to launch intense attacks in this captivating fusion of puzzle and RPG elements. With over 7 hours of gameplay, 16 distinctive caves, and 10 special skills, prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Play 'Dangerous Adventure' and discover the ultimate blend of role-playing and strategy on Astra Games.

Our five heroes, including a warrior, thief, barbarian, hunter, and wizard, have trained hard and studied extensively to embark on this great adventure. As you explore dungeons and face off against monsters, your attacks will depend on the choice of colored runes. Select groups of adjacent stones of the right color to penetrate the armor of your opponents.

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