Empire Island

Explore the incredible voyage of constructing and safeguarding your very own Empire Island on AstraGames. Use your wit to manage the population and taxation efficiently as you progress through different eras in history. Choose from a wide range of 30 construction units, including impressive weapons like lasers and missiles, to ensure your triumph. Build strong defenses such as mines and tesla coils, and call upon the forces of nature with destructive acts like Lightning, Tsunamis, and Firestorms. Take on progressively advanced adversaries, from primitive wooden boats to mind-boggling alien attacks. Enhance every aspect of your Empire Island and put your strategic abilities to the test with one of the most advanced physics-based games available on AstraGames. Keep in mind, this is a true strategy game on AstraGames, so if you're seeking a quick and simple game, this one might not be suitable for you. However, if you're ready for an authentic challenge, be prepared to spend at least an hour

To play, you can utilize the mouse to construct, target, and shoot, as well as the cursor keys or A and D keys to move around. There are also numerous keyboard commands available in the game.

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