Alien Town

Welcome to Astra Games, where we bring you the sensational new game, "Alien Defense." As Special Agent Briggs, your objective is to protect your town from the invading extraterrestrial menace. Arm yourself with your trusty pistol as you take on the aliens and leave your mark. Immerse yourself in the thrilling gameplay, complete with isometric graphics and 3D views. Gain coins for each successful alien takedown and use them to upgrade your arsenal with powerful weapons like machine guns, shotguns, rifles, and even an alien gun. Keep track of your progress with the enjoyable stats feature at the end of each day. With three exciting gameplay modes - Survival, Hard Point, and Nuke - the challenge never ends. Don't forget to strategically use exploding barrels to your advantage and take down the aliens. Experience an edge-of-your-seat defense game, exclusively on Astra Games.

Equipped with your reliable firearm, eliminate the extraterrestrial beings and make a bold statement.

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