Vortex Nine

time to join the Vortex 9 squad!

Welcome to the exciting world of Vortex 9, exclusively on Astra Games! Prepare yourself for an unconventional and thrilling adventure like no other. Immerse yourself in a peculiar universe filled with skilled cat-human hybrids and talking robots. Choose from a variety of 8 stylish characters such as John, Jane, Marvin McSpy, Mr. Goodboy, Jess Purrfect, Hellen D. Mon, Mercydroid, and Beelzebox – all equipped with eccentric weapons like battle lollipops and trusty shooting guns. Enjoy various game modes including Team Battle, Deathmatch Solo, and Capture Point, with even more thrilling options coming soon. Traverse stunning maps located in various regions of this world and join forces with your friends for epic battles. Say farewell to mundane heroes with basic firearms and embrace your uniqueness on the battlefield – it's time to join our elite Vortex 9 team!


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