Uphill Passenger Bus Drive Simulator : Offroad Bus

Welcome to Astra Games, where you can play Uphill Offroad Bus Driving Sim 2017. This unique game will give you the opportunity to step into the shoes of an adventurous tourist bus driver. Immerse yourself in a beautiful 3D mountain environment and put your bus engine handling abilities to the test while interacting with passengers and tourists. It's no easy task to navigate through the winding roads with a full bus, but it's your responsibility to safely transport your passengers to their destinations. Do you have what it takes to conquer this challenge? Display your expertise and become the ultimate bus driver on Astra Games!

• Experience a thrilling and exhilarating journey through various levels full of challenges.
• Perform daring stunts on rough terrain.
• Witness realistic movements of your character.
• Choose between playing for free or with a carrier mode.
• See doors open and close in stunning animations.
• Immerse yourself in high definition and impressive 3D graphics.
• Play during the day for a different gameplay experience.
• Have full control of your vehicle in the offroad environment.
• Enjoy a user-friendly interface and no cost for playing.
• Play anytime and anywhere without internet connection.
• Enjoy a lifelike bus driving experience with an amazing camera view.
• Discover the breathtaking open world of hills and mountains.

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