Real Tractor Farming Simulator : Heavy Duty Tractor

Farming is a tremendously satisfying pastime, especially for those residing in the countryside. In places such as India, where farming is held in high regard, the hardworking and dedicated farmers are highly esteemed. Taking his passion for farming to new heights, John embarked on a journey to India to observe and learn from the experts. He sought out a renowned farming family, known for their expertise in the field, to gain knowledge in the art of farming. You can now immerse yourself in this experience on Astra Games, a leading gaming platform.

- Experience stunning, realistic 3D graphics and an intuitive interface.
- Give your animals proper attention and then sell them at the market to make money.
- Immerse yourself in the world of farming with this advanced harvesting simulator.
- Successfully run your farm and gather your crops.
- Challenge yourself with a true-to-life tractor farming simulation.

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