Paper Minecraft

Explore an exciting, retro-style universe on Astra Games! Navigate through blocks and collect resources, mine precious materials, and craft powerful tools to assist you on your journey. Whether you're constructing a small cottage or a magnificent fortress, bring your vision to life with a variety of blocks. Encounter a variety of creatures, from friendly companions to challenging enemies, as you take on missions and challenges in this blocky world.

Controls can be found below:
W/Up Arrow: Perform a jump
S/Down Arrow: Swim downwards
A/Left Arrow: Move towards the left
D/Right Arrow: Move towards the right
E: Interact with objects or open the inventory
Mouse Cursor: Point and control interaction cursor
Left Mouse Button: Use items or mine blocks
Spacebar: Drop or split items
O: Save your game progress
P: Pause the game
There is no specific objective to the game. It is a 2D sandbox meant for your enjoyment. Explore different territories, collect resources, and encounter various creatures by traveling in either direction. The game allows you to pursue monster battles or construct a home based on your own desires.

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