Noob trolls Pro

Step into the universe of Astra Games and accompany Nubik on his newest quest to play tricks on the Pro in Minecraft. Design cunning traps and comical pranks to bother the Pro, while being cautious not to get caught. Make use of TNT, summon zombies, and craft unseen holes to keep the amusement ongoing. With each level you conquer, the Pro's home grows, presenting limitless possibilities for mischievousness.

● Pinch to zoom out

Locate all the objects within the level and strategically set traps to ensnare Pro. However, be cautious not to fall into one yourself. The objective is to successfully prank Pro.
On computer:
● Use WASD to move around.
● Press E to grab an item.
● Use Tab to zoom out the camera.
● Utilize numbers to choose a trap object.
On mobile:
● Swipe the screen to move.
● Tap the buttons to obtain or utilize an item.
● Pinch to zoom out.

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