Mr. Newbie EAT Burger

Welcome to Astra Games, the ultimate destination for all your gaming desires. In this thrilling game, your objective is to find and indulge in all the scrumptious burgers on offer. But watch out for the infamous Mr. Noob, who will do whatever it takes to hinder your progress. To outwit him, equip yourself with a flashlight and burger tracker to successfully hunt down and gather all the mouth-watering morsels while evading his clutches. Will you manage to escape his territory and claim the title of burger champion? Play now on Astra Games and find out!

Instructions: Your objective is to gather all the burgers while avoiding Mr. Noob. Use the keys WASD to move, E to interact, the upper digital block to switch inventory items, and the Escape key to pause. You can also use the mouse to inspect and rotate in-game objects.

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