Money Run

Step into the world of Astra Games with Money Rush, an exciting running game that will take you on a journey to acquire wealth and fortune! Put your multiplication skills to the test as you strategically navigate through gates to collect as much money as possible. This addictive game combines basic maths and enjoyable gameplay to keep you engaged. Roll your coins, calculate the numbers, and carefully select your path to increase your earnings and become the ultimate money master. The more coins you accumulate, the greater your rush for riches will be. Upgrade your coin game and set off on a thrilling adventure filled with cash. Experience the adrenaline rush of chasing riches by playing Money Rush on Astra Games!

Are you good at simple math? Or are you simply looking for fun money games for kids? Look no further! Money Rush is the perfect game for you. Roll your coins, do the math, and choose the best gate to increase your amount and become the money master. The more coins you collect, the bigger your coin rush will be. Upgrade your coin game for the ultimate rich roll and enjoy the excitement on OnlineGames.World!

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