Into Space 2

Welcome to Astra Games, where you can embark on an epic journey through Space and beyond! Your ultimate goal? Mars! But first, you must upgrade your rocket, complete missions and achievements, and unlock new equipment to reach greater heights. Follow these handy tips for a successful journey:
- Precise maneuvers can be achieved by turning off the engine.
- Watch your speed, as it can affect damage. If you can't avoid an obstacle, try slowing down.
- Purchase fins to improve steering and reduce air resistance. Don't forget to add them to your rocket!
- If a mission seems too difficult or you don't wish to complete it, you can always pay to skip it. Simply click on the dollar symbol in the mission description window. This will count as completing the mission and unlock new items, but you won't receive the mission bonus. Don't worry, you can always come back to finish the mission later and claim the bonus.
- Watch out for

A or Left - turn left D or Right - turn right S or Down - turn off engine W or Up - use boosters

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