Home Makeover Hidden Object

Join the exhilarating hidden object adventure, Home Makeover Hidden Object, exclusively on Astra Games! Explore the charming old house behind the white picket fence, and give it the makeover it deserves. Swap out old paint for stunning wallpaper, update dated furniture with modern pieces, and much more! Discover hidden objects within the cluttered rooms and sell them to the friendly neighbors. Earn profits from successful jumble sales to purchase new furnishings and decorations. With over 10 inventive ways to seek out household items, the game offers endless thrills. Engage in complete stories with convenient bookmarks to guide you through the game. Featuring a vast collection of over 1,200 objects, the game guarantees hours of replayability. Choose the correct item on the story screen based on the object names displayed on the user interface. Embark on an enthralling hidden object adventure exclusively on Astra Games and watch as the house is transformed into a stunning home!


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