Desert Rush

Welcome to Desert Rush, an exhilarating puzzle game on Astra Games where you must tap and slide to join the dots in classic arcade style. Aid three animals in evading their pursuers by mastering the art of chain reactions. The longer the chain, the more powerful the attack - with over 12 gems leading to an astounding aerial assault. With over 30 one-of-a-kind levels to test your skills, each stage presents a new boss and climbing difficulty for an epic journey. Don't let the fun and distinctive gameplay of Desert Rush on Astra Games pass you by!

1- Win by Linking Gems: The objective of the game is to guide the Hero to the flag. To progress, create a sequence of 3 or more harmful mushrooms, but be wary as they decrease your health as well.
2- Stronger Attacks with Longer Chains: A chain of 12 or more gems will unleash a powerful Ariel attack.
3- Each Horse Matches a Different Gem: The Villain will fight back automatically. If it dies, creating a chain will no longer harm you, and instead move the Hero forward.

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