Clash Balls

Welcome to Astra Games, home of the addictive ball game Clash Balls. Prepare to be captivated by its breathtaking graphics as you strive to clear the screen of every ball and beat your high score. With fast-paced shooting action, you'll need to constantly enhance your aiming abilities and firing speed to triumph over each level. Test your skills in a Colour Therapy Shooting showdown against 10 unique coloured ball adversaries, all while enjoying the convenience of automatic progress saving. With endless gameplay, become the ultimate master of Clash Balls and immerse yourself in this enthralling Colour Matching Game today!

To succeed in the game, your goal is to eliminate all the enemies with powerful blasts. Use your finger or mouse to swipe and blast blocks, while also upgrading your cannon to make it the strongest it can be. Collect special items like the Double Cannon, triple shot, death bomb, or enemy-pausing abilities to help you along the way. Remember to keep the blocks from reaching the center of the cannon. Beware of the black ball, which will add an extra challenge by introducing physical balls. Use your best gaming skills to beat the game.

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