CCG - Car Crash Game

Hop into the driver's seat and collide cars with the most authentic physics and harm mode on Astra Games! Embrace a one-of-a-kind destruction system as you pull off daring tricks and compete against your rivals. Prepare to test your boundaries in this thrilling racing experience, now accessible on both your web browser and mobile phone. Whether you delight in the rush of velocity or revel in causing havoc, this game is ideal for you. So buckle up and hit the road!

How to Play on PC:
Moving: Use the arrow keys or WASD (W for accelerating, A for turning left, S for reversing, D for turning right)
Using Handbrake: Press the space bar
Activating N2O: Hold down left shift
Slowing down: Press R
Camera Control: Press C
Launching the mouse cursor: Press Alt
Playing on a mobile device: Use touch controls to press buttons.

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