Bubble Shooter - Classic Match 3 Pop Bubbles

Can you achieve bubble-popping glory on Astra Games' Bubble Shooter? Explore over 50 levels, earning points by chaining together three or more bubbles of the same colour. But watch out, if the bubbles reach the bottom, it's game over for you. Try out different game modes and keep the fun going as you strive to become the ultimate master of bubble-popping on Astra Games' OnlineGames.World. Look out for special bubbles with special powers, like bombs and disco bubbles, to assist you on your journey to victory.

Featuring vibrant visuals, captivating audio, and easy-to-follow gameplay, Bubble Shooter is a must-try for fans of puzzle games, regardless of age. Don't hesitate any longer - begin bursting those bubbles and test your high score capabilities!

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