Beer Slide

Welcome to Astra Games, the ultimate gaming hub for endless entertainment! Prepare yourself for an addictive and thrilling game, appropriately named "Endless Beer Slide". Use your dexterity to slide the beer down the table, navigating obstacles and avoiding spills. Immersed in a charming bar-like atmosphere, this game is guaranteed to keep you engrossed. The varying difficulty levels add an element of surprise, with the beer glass randomly accelerating and decelerating to keep you on your toes. Featuring simple one-touch gameplay, this game is accessible to everyone. For aficionados of beer pong and other drink-related games, this is the perfect option. You can even switch out the beverages for other visuals such as wine, cider, or spirits. Indulge in endless amusement at Astra Games!

Gently push the drink along the surface of the bar.

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